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Many U.S. employers have discovered the international labor market, a rich and vast source of talented and highly-qualified employees. And the U.S., a nation of immigrants, continues to attract people from other countries who want to avail themselves of either temporary or permanent employment opportunities here. But the extremely complex and volatile U.S. immigration system, with its incomprehensible laws and regulations and arcane processes, serves as a source of frustration to all who encounter it and a barrier to many.

Immigration Legal Services, LLC is here to help. We assist clients in successfully navigating the perilous U.S. immigration system. We help employers get the talent they need from abroad, facilitating cross-border movement of executives and other professionals and skilled workers. We guide them in establishing policies, procedures, and systems that ensure compliance with laws and regulations. We help families and individuals obtain authorization to live and work in the U.S.

Our mission is to provide informed and creative strategies for accomplishing your goals, and our services are always offered in a timely fashion and at an affordable price. You need up-to-the-minute expert legal advice in order to avoid costly missteps. Immigration Legal Services, LLC gives you just that. You need not risk going it alone!

Investor Visa UK

Employers face a complex web of immigration and labor laws and regulations. Compliance is difficult, and even innocent violations can carry great consequences and prove costly. We work with employers to develop policies and procedures that ensure compliance. We provide audits and risk assessments, develop information management and record-keeping systems, and offer training programs. We help you comply with I-9 and Immigration Reform Control Act (IRCA) provisions and other requirements and avoid the risk of employer sanctions. We also create programs to help your foreign-national employees avoid status violations.


We handle all kinds of nonimmigrant applications for professionals and skilled workers, ranging from physicians and researchers to intracompany transferees and seasonal workers. We also handle all types of permanent residence (“green card”) applications, including employment-based applications and family-based applications.

We provide services in many other areas, including consular assistance, fiancé applications, applications for asylum, refugee applications, treaty-investor and treaty-trader applications, naturalization applications, change of status applications, applications for dependent family members, and applications for waiver of the two-year home residency requirement. We assist with international adoptions and consult with attorneys on immigration aspects of representing their foreign-national clients.


We represent employers facing or threatened with sanctions and those charged with immigration law and related labor law violations, including “paperwork violations” and “document abuse.”

We provide legal services to persons involved in deportation and removal proceedings and other immigration-related matters.